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In Foz, the old whaling port, the sea transforms into stunning beaches. About 15 km of fine beaches and white sand mark this estuary. The Ría de Foz is a natural paradise not only for birds, but also for lovers of water sports: surfing, windsurfing, kite, canoeing, sailing.


In Mariña Lucense it includes magical places such as Alfoz, Barreiros, Burela, Cervo, Foz, Lourenzá, Mondoñedo, Ribadeo, Trabada, O Valadouro, O Vicedo, Viveiro and Xove.


Sea and mountains, rivers and estuaries, meadows and beaches. The forests are confused with the sea. It is the Green Galicia that the Cantabrian looks out. About 100 km of coastline dotted with natural wonders. From the Recollect landscape of the O Barqueiro estuary to the grandeur of the As Catedrais praia, a natural monument excavated by the sea with a supernatural dimension. But also, Foz, Viveiro and Ribadeo, ports that retain the mark of a stately past. In Cervo, Sargadelos, one of the most emblematic ceramics in Galicia.


And inside the Mariña Lucense, two hidden treasures. One is the Serra do Xistral, gloomy and mysterious, land of peat bogs and wild horses. The other is Mondoñedo, on the Camino de Santiago (the North), an old episcopal see with a beautiful 13th-century cathedral.


Las Catedrales

In Galicia, when the power of the sea and the patience of time come together the result is a work of art.

The grandeur of the praia de As Catedrais, a natural monument excavated by the sea with a supernatural dimension


The pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago to Compostela cross the lands of the Mariña as they pass along the Northern Way. On their way they discover jewels like the rotund Mondoñedo Cathedral


In Rapadoria beach located in the middle of Foz perfect to start surfing. The tranquility of its waters and the consistency of the waves make it a perfect place for the initial practice of surfing. Also 10 minutes away you can enjoy amazing beaches in Longara where you will find the best waves for surfers.

remcomendamos "Escuela SensaciónSurf" en Foz


San Martiño

Located in the municipality of Foz, it is considered the oldest cathedral in Spain, since in the ninth century it was the seat of two bishoprics of the kingdom of Galicia. A jewel of the Romanesque.


Next to the basilica is the fountain of A Zapata, according to legend in this place Bishop San Gonzalo threw a shoe and sprouted water, water that is considered to have miraculous properties.


paseo de los enamorados

The old royal factory of Sargadelos (one of the most emblematic ceramics of Galicia) and the promenade of the lovers next to the Xunco river is declared as an artistic historical complex, of great natural and landscape value. You can also visit the church of Santa María de Cervo from the 16th century.

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